The Landing Zone
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Angelina, Jeff and the crew welcome you to “The Landing Zone”.  

Landing Zones or LZ’s are located worldwide and are typically places on land where personnel, supplies and equipment arrive by helicopter or other vertical landing aircraft
 in support of the full spectrum of military and/or civilian operations.  

Be they military or civilian preparedness exercises or in the “real world” - operations crossing the spectrum of humanitarian assistance and/or disaster response all the way through combat – Landing Zones are there to bring in and take out what is necessary.  

Our restaurant’s theme and menu is based off Jeff’s experience as a Marine Aviator
when operating in an LZ, he always met someone different and many times had an experience that was different than the one before. 

So, our LZ is open and we hope your experience here is a great one. 

​485 South Independence Boulevard, Suite 101, Virginia Beach, VA  23452